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Experience Afrobeats Live through a seamless cinematic virtual lens with our original high production content, performances, stories, interviews and testimonials from the Biggest Afrobeats artists of the past and present, industry tastemakers and lovers of the music globally connecting you to the Heart of Afrobeats in Nigeria, the Strength of Afrobeats in Ghana and the Hub of Afrobeats in the UK.

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The presentation of Afrobeats Live, Celebrating 10 Years of Afrobeats will be one of the most historical and ground-breaking virtual experience featuring the biggest African music artists, African Excellence and the stories behind the explosion of the biggest music genre of the 21st century enflamed by Abrantee Boateng and now celebrated all over the world.

Afrobeats Live Experience

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Afrobeats Live have hosted over 140 Afrobeats Artists including some of the biggest names in entertainment over the years. Our Brand New Digital platform will enable the production of high quality 4k and VR Content, Live Streaming and Pre-Recorded Performances – Check out the artist profiles, performance dates and subscribe to our service from anywhere in the world.

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