About Afrobeats Live X

Introducing The Brand New Afrobeats Live Digital Streaming & Performance Platform in Association with Choice Digital Network (CDN).

Afrobeats Live X is a live music and entertainment streaming platform that creates live events, connects artists with fans giving them exclusive access to high-profile performances and interviews by the worlds biggest Afrobeats Stars; supporting grassroots and home-grown talent.


The Development and launch of the New Afrobeats Live X streaming and virtual platform extends the Afrobeats Live events experience to the digital world: A platform for the fans of Afrobeats, By the artists supporting the artists. A brand that will prioritise promoting creative African female artists.

Afrobeats Live’s OTT service will be the worlds first dedicated Afrobeats digital venue and platform broadcasting Live Events, Music videos, Performances, Fashion Shows, African Food Ads, Arts & Culture with over 300 videos 24 hours a day exclusively to subscribers for free in addition to a paid subscription Premium service to access exclusive content unavailable anywhere else in the world at anytime.


The ground-breaking fully monetized media middleware platform managed by Choice Digital Network (CDN) will facilitate the platforms on-demand, subscription service, artist Tipping, rich-media including video ingestion, embedding, and transcoding, through moderation and metadata management offering a snapshot analytic high-level reporting.


An ambitious undertaking by the founder who has enrolled 7 powerful black, influential female shareholders with backgrounds in Music, Technology, Architecture, Events, Law and Business. A move that will totally revolutionise the industry and provide a gateway for the consumption of Afrobeats to consumers and the industry whilst providing another revenue stream for the artists and content creators.

Afrobeats Live covers streaming, production costs and pay artists competitive royalty rates for exclusive on-demand content with the subscription service; targeted audience, wealth of media partnerships, sponsors and big investors.


Afrobeats Live’s event platform has hosted performances of over 140 artists in 10 years and amassed a network and database of over 100,000 migrated subscribers to the digital platform in 2021, the founders believe with the paid subscriptions, advertisers and ability to stream 247 via the website and mobile Application at anytime on any device, they are able to generate a revenue stream for the artists by the artists.

The licensing of content and producing 90% of their own original content, Afrobeats Live Digital will be the leading source of the newest, latest, fastest and advanced platform to showcase Afrobeats to the entire world with a Global Blanket.

The promotional drive and series of events throughout the year which include Afrobeats Live, Afrobeats Live Comedy, Afrobeats uk Documusicary, Afrobeats Live Fashion, Afrobeats Music Festival & Afrobeats Music Awards is expected to  drive the platform to over 1 million new subscribers by Q4 2022; an inspiring target.

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