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How Afrobeats Live Platform Supports grassroots artists and established stars

Booking & Performing at Afrobeats Live:


  1. Simple Booking contracts
  2. Deposit payments on all bookings
  3. All bookings are handled professionally through DLA
  4. Fair fees and negotiations
  5. Percentage from paid streams offered to artists
  6. Royalty payments
  7. Simple consent forms
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Promotion & Marketing:

  1. Inclusion on all press release and promotional materials
  2. Individual branded flyers
  3. Branded or bespoke set/ stage backdrop
  4. Mini PR support, biog & mentions
  5. Radio interviews
  6. TV interviews
  7. Profile on our website
  8. IG Live take over on Afrobeats Live and/or partner site
  9. Social Media Promotion where possible
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Riders and Pèrks:

  1. Artist dressing rooms (with standard required facilities)
  2. Standard refreshments (Teas, Water, Juices, Snacks & Fruit Bowls or Baskets)
  3. Professional Chef Catering finest food by Shakarah Cuisine for all performers Inc special dietary requirements
  4. Parking Space or drop off access for artists
  5. Car provided if negotiated or applicable
  6. Security Guard for artists incl Changing areas and stage
  7. Safe space & support incase of harassment at venue for all artists
  8. Dedicated Stage Manager and runner for artists
  9. After performance support
  10. Trained First aiders and first aid kits

We Stay in Touch:

  1. We promote current releases where possible
  2. We provide advice Support with our live chat or support @officialafrobeatslive.com
  3. All present and past performing artists get invited and access to all Afrobeats Live Shows
  4. New Artists get 50% off tickets to all Afrobeats Live events
  5. Performing Artists get 1 Free guests passes for live events
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